#1342 – “One other Degree” – Exhausting Lure Beat | New Rap Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2020, by Dutch πŸ‡³πŸ‡± producer SeriouzBeats. #Instrumentals | πŸ’° Buy (No Tags) ➜

🎢 Beat Tempo – 154 BPM.
πŸ“· Picture by Foteros. πŸ“ Dominican Republic πŸ‡©πŸ‡΄

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Instrumental: “One other Degree” by SeriouzBeats.

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32 thoughts on “"One other Degree" – Exhausting Lure Beat | Rap Hip Hop

  1. Stevie Ray Gonzalez says:

    No im not the same person that yall knew frm a while ago,
    Look me in my eyes and you'll see no im not him anymo,
    Who i use to be is r.i.p. and six feet below
    so am i a ghost,
    Is you a friend no
    your a foe
    so that means im the g.o.a.t
    what the fuck u mean.
    who made it this far ALL on there own
    An walked away from the throne
    was it u
    whos on another level i am without sippin bottles of patron,
    They ask you are u jealous and u lie everytime u say
    No You aint gotta tell me bitch becuz i already know,
    So Say it aint so.
    im on another level yo
    are you
    let me be the first to say
    Here is as far as you go u need to no
    mercy is something that im not gonna show.
    Cuz im not that same person yall knew from a while ago.
    Look me in my eyes ull see that im not him anymore.
    only one thing Is fa sho AND THATS right here is as far as u go.
    YO!!! Γ—2

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