33 thoughts on “American Reacts to UK Rapper! Dave ( Black ) Stay at The

  1. Ross Ward says:

    I’d layedbakDFR new about all the stuff that happen in Britain to all those things at the end of the song when Dave stands up and starts singing he would rate the song so much more. I think he should do some reader but of the stuff and post another reaction to it he would rate it so much more

  2. Remedial Gash says:

    dave speaks pure truth Boris johnson is a massive racist, makes me ashamed to be of any race. we are all humans so fuck the wankers.

  3. tspoon ts says:

    Bro – let me give you a heads up. I'm a 50 something Black man living in UK and grew up listening to PE / KRS / Brad Nubians / Guru etc. You know conscious rap. How you were left speechless at the end, was exactly how I was when I first started listening to hip hop with those bros back in the day. But for 30+ year period; the US went away from educating the masses and produced watered down/uninspiring music, while racism, oppression and in-equality continued to prevail. Now we are left with people like Drake, Jigga, Lil Wayne and a number of clones. Don't get me wrong, I love early J tracks, but when was the last time my man bring out anything of substance? For a man in his position, tantamounts on criminality. (In my opinion) We have brothers in the UK who grew up with nothing but beats from the likes of: Biggie/Pac/Em/Big Pun/ Wu Tang and realised making music is still about creativity, beats, rhymes and artistic expression. We in the UK not only have Dave., but also Akala, Devlin, Wretch 32, Stormzy, Lowkey, JaJa Soze and plenty more. I cannot recall the last US artist/track which spoke about something educational or constructive and that is not to gloat but to point out that it is a sad state of affairs, taking in consideration, the climate, political discourse the world finds itself in, especially with the "Orange Man" at the helm. US Hip Hop/Rap needs to get back on track and help us to help each other. Peace

  4. Arr Sole says:

    I am a very proud englishman from Liverpool and i also know all my heritage is Irish.
    I can not pretend to ever a tiny clue about these incredible lyrics and the meaning.
    I honestly was amazed at the quality and thought and depth of intelligence at this young mans lyrics. wow !!!
    Without doubt if this was 400 years old we woul be calling this man Shakespeare.

  5. Mac Abbs-Vicenza says:

    Im white as fuck and this shit broke my heart man this shit needs to end and it needs to end soon maybe we will never get this equality until the day the aliens get bored and switch off the simulation but I truly believe one day we will all be happy. God bless Jack Merrit

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