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Rob Zombie

8 thoughts on “ALL Rob Zombie Movies Ranked! | Horror Franchise Countdowns

  1. Battle Rap Martyr says:

    I'm gonna watch this with my girl and see which one she wants to watch. Next video can you include where to watch? Also let's get some more battlerap content Chaddy. You can get a jist for what been going on by watching my blog. I have a lot of info condensed into 5 min videos!

  2. Robert The Fiend says:

    Another thing real quick you gotta check out this new country rapper Savannah Dexter she's super talented and she's beautiful man if you review her videos I'd love to see your reaction

  3. Western RAM says:

    I think rob zombies H2 is really good and I think it’s far better than H1. I got really bored with the last 40 minutes of H1. H2 is a very divisive movie and is split between everybody I’ve talked to about it!

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