Roger Cobb (Steve Martin) is a swinging bachelor who’s a lawyer however would somewhat be a jazz musician. Edwina Cutwater (Lily Tomlin) is an ailing spinster who’s given a second likelihood at life given her soul might be “transported” into that of a one other lady – particularly, the attractive daughter of the secure hand. Sadly, the guru-in-charge goofs, and Edwina’s soul winds up taking up the whole proper aspect of Roger, who now should be taught to deal with being half the person he was. Now Edwina and Roger live collectively in the identical physique. He is shedding his job. He is shedding his girlfriend. And he simply can not seem to get her out of his system. Irrespective of how onerous he tries. Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin make the right Couple of Comedy on this hilariously concocted plot.


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25 thoughts on “All Of Me

  1. libra42ful says:

    I love the ending scene where Steve and Lily are dancing….hope Lily didn't get hurt when Steve fell on top of her, lol….oops!….they looked like they were havin a great, goofy, time….love em both!!!…

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