After dissing Nicki & shading Cardi, the Metropolis Ladies

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  1. The City Girls are opportunists. They are just trying to make their money in this 2020

  2. k. skyy the rapper

    City girls trash and how can u diss somebody then say you want to work with them????

  3. Im not into the City Girls and they think they are bigger than they are

  4. HollywoodClassics33 Returns

    The city girls actually showed they true colors this month, they been hiding it for months but they have finally shown it since they are upset that they weren’t featured in the WAP video

  5. City Girls solidarity is to EachOther!
    It’s about the $ not friendship!
    Salute to them for finally see the Big Picture

  6. Oh they team nicki nie bc of what's going on with quality control . I been knew they wanna work with my queen.

  7. They know nicki will bring them that #1 hit

  8. The City Girls are young and don't think before they speak. Now they want to get their marketing up. They should've keep their tired opinions about Niki and CardiB to themselves.

  9. I know miss flewed out didn’t say out them dick suckers she wanna work with nicki. Dh is going on. Mannnnn bye Felicia.

  10. here comes Ti with the receipts. Cue the Alexis Carrington meme.

  11. Miami chicks do shit like that ,ugh! I seen this to many times. Im from Miami. Some chicks down there feel some type of way if their not involved in the mix. Then they move in their feelings. I like the City Girls but I’m going to call out Florida negative energy when I see it.

  12. City girls running out of money

  13. I could never get into the β€œcity gwerils”. I’m 30 though lol

  14. Team Nicki always….city girls collab…’s a no for me!

  15. I love that Damn Bird

  16. Sebastien Duclos

    Look at Nicki’ s sons😍

  17. Maybe they didn’t like WAPπŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

  18. Nicki Song wit ASAP Ferg Move Ya Hope is wayyyy better than WAP πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

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