A Rapper Dissed Me… So I Purchased Him a Bike

Generally you meet mates in probably the most attention-grabbing methods. Shout out to my homie Randy, and good luck at your new job man! Benefit from the bike!

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I get numerous questions on my microphone. It is a Lewitt LCT-640. You should buy the precise microphone right here:

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  1. New music coming soon check recent video

  2. Re-Bourne Official


  3. That’s my best friends name

  4. Thx I'm ten and I think your raps are great

  5. Yea if he said that to me I would kick his ass

  6. lol this never happened

  7. Wow this really touched me . Your an amazing person . 😢 his story so sax but u wr so kind to him for trolling you. Be blessed Mac Lethal.

  8. Mac lethal is the nicest youtube

  9. Brianna Sheyenne Thurmond

    I let my friends vent to me and keep my problems to myself i help them out with their problems and figure out how i can help them i have been suicidal over the years yet my friends are in the same boat as i am except worse i may be good now but they are still struggling i take it as my responsibility to help them out with their problems my friends say im a angel in disguise in their life im always happy to help them😇

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