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An important a part of jazz pupil’s routine has at all times been transcribing music. With present on-line companies, it turned a standard observe to add music transcriptions on youtube as a show of the transcriber’s achievements. There may be although a peculiar trait in it which the transcribers usually (or abnormally) don’t take into accounts — nearly at all times the piece of music transcribed belongs to not the transcriber, however to someone else, a composer, and thus presenting such work because the transcriber’s achievement turns right into a copyright infringement, or just mentioned — a theft.

Can there be a dialogue of this?


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  1. Savva, I really love that you respectfully promote a discussion, although i strongly
    disagree, as you may remember. I will be creating a video to further promote the discussion and share what I believe is true. Thank you for your honesty and empathy along the conflicts we all find when trying to live in harmony.

  2. I believe the transcription market should be free. I also believe that anyone can decide if they want to capitalize on it. The artists that have made the piece will not really lose anything I feel, I think they will gain more since more people is going to be able to play their music. A transcriber may put up his work for free on Youtube or make it paid however he or she wants, if there exists a better transcription that is paid, then the people that want that high quality will go to that person even if it costs. Don't get me wrong, I still believe you are making good transcriptions and I would happily buy them from you instead of downloading some PDF on Youtube. But it gets a bit annoying when every video with a transcription is either taken down or the link removed. If you are unable to provide the transcription from your site I don't think you should be able to tell other people to remove their transcriptions even with Tigran's request. About Aragatz, will you provide that aswell?

  3. Everyone has the right to share or to keep his intellectual or private properties. Any attempt to infringe on both is criminal

  4. Hi Savva, thank you for your video.
    There are many points that I agree with, however one important point I have to address is your comment on June Lee (and transcribers in general) making money from ad revenue. I've had a channel that uploaded transcriptions before (not for sale, just for viewing), and when the YouTube algorithm detected the use of copyrighted material in my videos, they placed ads on my videos, with the ad revenue going to the music publisher. My old channel didn't even have 1000 subscribers, which is the minimum amount required for a creator to monetise their own videos and make any money.
    I understand that this presents a problem for whenever official transcriptions exist, as only the composer makes money off the video and not the copyist, however I still believe it's an important critique of your statement, as many YouTube transcribers are not personally profiting from ad revenue.

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