50 Cent: Rap Star

He’s the winner of 13 Billboard Music Awards, a Grammy Award, and 6 World Music Awards. His darkish and edgy lyrics painting his life as a gangster, a prison and a survivor of medicine. His music displays the hardship he went by means of to change into what he’s now…an influential determine in Hip Hop tradition. With a profitable eighth studio album launched final December in 2014, 50 Cent’s place on the high of the hip hop sport is about to proceed. Get the within story of a Hip Hop legend…50 Cent.


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  1. G unit is a good team

  2. Garvin Benjamin -G LION

    Big up to 50 cent

  3. this nigga got the scurl hahahaha im dead asf

  4. Did she say a black Elvis Presley WTF 😂

  5. Hardcore doesn't make you because you got shot stabbed beat up right rob somebody killed somebody hardcore is going through the storms with Jesus Christ and realizing who was carrying with those extra set of footprints and making it at a older age instead of at a young age

  6. His music ain't even that good .his movie is good af tho

  7. Yo what's up wit ya wig bro lol 🤦

  8. Jose Antonio Pagan

    @49:00… Why doesn't the music producer buy new teeth? Ain't 5o cents paying you well?

  9. Not Impressed 😒👎

  10. 50 is so fine…

  11. 50 in the thumbnail looks like he smelled a mega fart

  12. Fitty Snitch! I mean fitty bitch!! Oh my bad I mean 50 cent g unit

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