10 Issues You Didn't Know About Rob Zombie's

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What’s up, HorrorFam? At this time, we’ll take a look at 10 stuff you did not find out about Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake from 2007.

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Rob Zombie

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  1. I am tired nick castle as Michael Myers

  2. Michael Myers is killer and

  3. Micheal Myers as Psycho

  4. Interesting video, but these Halloweens are shit.

  5. Alfred Hitchcock as Samuel Loomis in Halloween 4 2022

  6. What has Michael Myers hasn't done yet?

  7. Oh shit! I didn't know about #2 and all those near death experiences on set lol been waiting for this video glad its out🙌🏼🎃

  8. i need to find that movie he was in long time ago, where this game came to life and used him and other people as a body suit.. or something like that was really good from what i remember

  9. that been cool to see a mikey myers kid movie..

  10. Dude, there are 666 views as I clicked…creepy as fuck, bro

  11. Rob zombie did a good job directing the remake. 😀👍🎃

  12. I learned so much thank youu

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