‪Lil Wayne "Locked Up" (6IX9INE Diss) WSHH

‪Lil Wayne “Locked Up” (6IX9INE Diss) WSHH Unique – Official Audio‬


lil wayne

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  2. BoomShakalocka Kickz

    That’s not weezy

  3. All rats must die.. Even master splinter.. 🐭 🌈

  4. 587SCRAB GENIUS808

    Dam close but he no dam weezy

  5. Clowns for crown na wayne the reality

  6. Lol i hope you had fun wasting someone’s else time

  7. Ok Wayne would never put a course On a remix he would eat that bitch the whole way through everybody knows that

  8. Servon AavyDewayne

    LMAO 😂😅😂😅😂

  9. What up wayne

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